If you’re interested of abalone and want to know more about it, then you have come to the right post that will help you understand about it further. Just like oysters and caviars, abalone is a delicious and healthy treat for the family. Chinese, in particular, love it. It is one of the main dishes served in many Chinese and Singaporean restaurants, as it is one of the bestsellers, especially now that the Chinese New Year is fast approaching.

Whether you’re looking to cook or to give abalone to your close friends and loved ones, then you should know that this appetizing treat comes with plenty of health benefits that include:

What Is Abalone Nutrition?

Per 85 grams or three ounces of serving, there is about 89 calories, which is composed of about six calories from fat while the saturated fat content is one percent. The cholesterol content of it is about 24 percent or 72 milligrams. It also contains about two percent of carbohydrates and 14.5 grams of protein. It also has about 15 percent of iron and three percent of calcium.

Asians consider abalone a delicacy such as sea cucumber and sharks fin as well as bird’s nest and ginseng. It is one of the priciest and most pleasurable foods on earth. It can also promote longevity, beauty, and health and sex power. The food, up to date, is still very mysterious for many people especially the Americans and some of them are intimidated by its chewy texture. For others, they just shy away because of the high abalone price.

How Others Describe Abalones

For many, they think that the food has chewy texture while others think that it is tough to chew. Meanwhile, there are people who prepare it like a sashimi. For others, they consider this food to make an impressive dish that they can serve to their friends or loved ones.

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How to Select Abalone Singapore

For canned. You should inspect its brand and origin as well as its grading. You should also check for the manufacture date as well as the expiration of it.  You can buy the canned type that came from New Zealand, Mexico and Australia. Of all them, the Japanese-origin type is said to be the most expensive. Those that came from Mexico are the softest while those from Africa are the best smelling of all.

For fresh, you should check its freshness and texture, so that you can be sure that you’re buying the freshest ones. Take note that the thickest is commonly harvested in May while the thinnest is harvested in October.

Lastly, you should choose your seller well to ensure that you would get the most of them. Check out the online seller’s reputation as well as consumer feedback. Study your options well and buy the right abalone today!

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