Abalones are one of the most sought after and also one of the rarest of shellfish’s. These are cultured in abalone farms. Aside from that, abalones are one of the most expensive varieties of shellfishes. For those who can afford it, they get to enjoy two types of it which is available in the market. Singaporeans can easily buy farmed abalones and have a max size of about five centimeters. Farmed abalones offer such a tender meat. Then, here comes the wild abalones that come in large sizes and require you to tenderize the meat.

Abalones would truly give you a memorable experience when it comes to fine-dining or home cook meals. What most chefs do with this ingredient is to quickly and delicately cook in brown butter and then serve with risotto. Your memories of it would be truly delightful. With all the hype about how great abalones are, fishing it is a highly regulated one. In most parts of the world, the fishing ban stretches from the month of June to the last day of August, which is the species’ spawning season. Abalones are most definitely a rare delicacy.

Chinese New Year Delicacy: Where to Buy the Best Abalones

Whenever you think of abalones, your instinct tells you to go to the shop and choose the best abalone. If you think that you’re the only one who’s after it, think again. When abalones are sold on the market, the supplies really don’t last long. People would definitely jump into buying this delicacy. So, what can you do about it?

Then So, Where Else Can You Buy Abalones?

What normally people do is to go to the local favourite brands and look for them. It’s the best option you have to let yourself indulge in this very good, satisfying food. When you buy, you ensure yourself of having the freshest ones with the tenderness meat. Not only that, you’re also securing you’re safety as these abalones are free from any poisoning caused by algae’s. Now, that’s more like it. The best thing about some shop is that they provide a free delivery service though some of these sellers require a certain amount of purchase for you to avail of it.


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