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Abalones are known to have lots of proteins and iron but low in fat. It is recommended for anemic people. it can also help improve mental performance, which is really helpful for students and professionals.          



Cordyceps helps improve your sleep. It’s also an effective ingredient that can help you fight cancer and regulate blood pressure. Cordyceps also contain anti-aging properties which help you stay younger. If you have a respiratory illness, Cordyceps can also help.

Ginseng Roots


Any of these two is known as a tonic, which can improve your health in particular to your stamina. You can also recover from sickness faster with ginseng. This is highly suggested for the weak and the ill. Ginseng is



Scallops are known to improve your overall health. You can get more from bird nest if you would combine it with scallops. Consume bird nest and scallops for a healthier you.

sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber

It’s great for the treatment of gum disease. It’s used in Asia to treat impotence and is helpful in treating problems on the reproductive system and kidney. You can also lessen your risk to heart disease by consuming sea cucumber.

Bird's Nest SingaporeBird Nest Singapore only offers you top-edge products that are well-checked and inspected to guarantee your safety and benefits.

When you order from Bird Nest Singapore, you can be sure that you are dealing with a dependable and professional supplier in Singapore for all your health product needs.

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